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Our goal here at KPS is to ensure that your pipes are in top condition for your home, business, and even pool’s optimal function. Traditionally when your pipes have a problem you have to dig up the whole foundation to get to your pipes. Which can be a messy, and most importantly, costly process. But here at KPS we do trenchless pipe rehabilitation, which means no demolition, no remodeling, and a quicker and efficient process. If you like to know more about the services we offer please check out the services tab.

What is CIPP?

Replacing underground pipelines is a costly and messy process. CIPP (Cure In Place Pipe) rehabilitates existing pipes with virtually no demo or digging. Homeowners and businesses save time and money by lining an existing sewer system. The process of HSD (High Speed Descaling) and relining will eliminate any debris, roots/buildup and will rehabilitate compromised pipes.CIPP will increase water flow, eliminate future scaling and backups, and give you a new seamless drain system eliminating any fitting offsets for 50 + years.

Appointment Requests

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Cameras are used to build a schematic of your home sewage system. During this inspection we will verify  the systems pipe location, depth, condition, and material.
The next step is HSD (High Speed Descaling). This process utilizes specialty tooling that removes grime, grease, build up, decay, roots and all types of blockages.
Finally the old piping system is rehabilitated by the CIPP (Cast In Place Pipe) process. A flexible liner is inserted in the host pipe filled with a proprietary synthetic polyester fiber liner with polyurethane. Then a bladder is inflated tightly pressing the liner against the host pipe. After, a Bluelight LED is used to cure the “new pipe” creating a new structural seamless pipe.

Process of CIPP